A gpg-enabled mailing list manager with remailing-capabilities.

Schleuder is a group’s email-gateway: subscribers can exchange encrypted emails among themselves, receive emails from non-subscribers and send emails to non-subscribers via the list. How it works


These projects also belong to the schleuder-family:


2018-03-28: Vulnerability in dependencies of schleuder-web. Anyone running schleuder-web should update the gems “loofah” and “rails-html-sanitizer” by running “bundle update loofah rails-html-sanitizer” as soon as possible. (See CVE-2018-8048 and CVE-2018-3741 for details.)

2018-02-19: Linux-packages for Schleuder 3.2.2 available. For Debian (stretch-backports) and CentOS (EL 7) there are now packages of Schleuder version 3.2.2 available to easily install and upgrade it. Please see the installation instructions for details on how to use the packages. For details about version 3.2.2 please read the changelog.

2018-02-06: Schleuder 3.2.2 released! This release fixes some minor bugs, e.g. with lingering dirmngr-processes, parsing keywords from big messages, and OpenPGP-keys with non-ASCII-characters. It also pins the “mail”-library to version 2.6, because 2.7 seems to have problems. For all details please see the changelog.

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